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Biotherm beauty routine

03 April 2020

Meet the ideal Biotherm's beauty routine, made specially for you by Teresa Costa, our beauty advisor.

A beauty routine is essential to maintain a beautiful skin and healthy looking. So today we pick some Biotherm skincare products suitable for different needs.

The first step should always be cleansing with a product of your choice. But after this what follows?


Are you a Vitamin C fan?

Biotherm Aqua glow super concentrate

The first step of all Biotherm routines is the application of Life Plankton Elixir. This is the product chosen to repair and protect the skin from all aggressions, offering exceptional luminosity and moisturization thanks to the presence of 5% Life Plankton and hyaluronic acid. It boosts the action of all the products applied after.

Aqua glow super concentrated for dull skin combines in a single gesture the hydration power of glycerin, Vitamin C and Life Plankton, an unique ingredient that acts on the 8 skin defense mechanisms.
For eyes, we recommend a multi function product Life Plankton eye contour for sensitive skin, with a Collagen Support technology for smooth and bright the eye contour area.

If you just want a deep hydration?

Biotherm aquasource aura concentrate & aquasource gel

Before your cream, apply 3 or 4 drops of the Aquasource aura concentrate biphasic serum, which mixed turns into an elixir that absorbs quickly, leaving an elasticity skin with an immediate healthy glow. With 90% of natural origin ingredients, this is a real boost in your skin's hydration.
A lightweight texture for a quick hydration with Aquasource gel for a smooth feeling.
In the eye contour area, this ultra refreshing gel with light reflecting particles, decongests, refreshes and hydrates intensely.

To have the same effect of a true hydrating SPA at home, Aquasource night spa can replace your usual night cream in 2 to 3 times a week.  It can also be used as a mask for 10 minutes and remove with cotton pad soaked in tonic. Enriched with Polynesian salts and 35 minerals, it keeps the skin hydrated for longer.

Do you prefer a routine to smooth, reduce pores and even your skin tone?

Biotherm Life Plankton Elixir

You should apply tonic of the skin oxygen range with an effective action in reducing pores and even skin tone. Then apply the Life Plankton elixir with small taps.
As a day care, we recommend the Blue therapy multi-defender spf25 which acts as a defense shield for the skin, while smoothing and makes the skin more resistant and luminous.
The eye area should be treated with Blue therapy eye contour eyes with an anti-wrinkle action, reducing puffiness and dark circles for a noticeably younger eye contour area.

DRY SKIN: Comfort and Elasticity!

Biotherm blue therapy cream-in-oil

To moisturize and give comfort, Aquasource cream rich, enriched in aminoacids and 35 micronutrients essential to the skin thanks to the unique Life Plankton, a key component in Biotherm.
If you have ultra dry skin we recommend a unique texture of a balsam in oil, blue therapy cream-in-oil: fresh and melting, ensures immediate comfort and long-lasting to dry skin
In the eye area do not forget to apply an eye serum as the blue therapy serum firming for eye contour, ultra moisturizing, refreshing and with a very practical applicator which favors absorption and enhances the action to minimizes puffiness and dark circles. Then apply Blue therapy eye contour eyes, and you will see the eye area repaired and more comfortable.

FOR ALL SKINS: an anti-wrinkle treatment and firmness

Biotherm blue therapy red algae

The 28-day cure, Blue therapy red algae face firming cure is an ultra innovative product for its rapid absorption: 6 times faster than a traditional serum which just 3 drops are sufficient for an exceptional smooth effect. This is a concentrate with red algae extract, recognized for its power of resistance to sea currents, and biologists Biotherm discovered the tensor power of this active principle. After this concentrate, apply Blue therapy red algae face firming cream. Don't forget the eye routine!

MATURE SKIN: repair and nourish

Biotherm blue therapy amber algae revitalize day

Start the routine with Life plankton elixir serum and then apply Blue therapy amber algae revitalizing cream by day. The latest launch of the Biotherm brand that combines the restorative wealth of Ambar Algae, the calcium redensifier and shea butter. Intensely nourished, smooth the skin gets extraordinarily. To benefit of any routine, if possible replace your usual night cream with Life plankton soothing mask for sensitive skin, an exceptional mask in repair, hydration, straightening, increased resistance and skin filling.

SENSITIVE SKIN: soothe, soften and increase its resistance

Biotherm Life Plankton

To soften, protect, balance and strengthen the skin barrier, start with Life plankton serum elixir with a pipette always before any and all day cream.
As daily hydration, for mixed skin, we recommend the Life Plankton moisturizing emulsion in a dose so that there is no contact with the air and if the skin is dry, Life plankton sensitive soothing rich balm, in a vacuum packaging for your total safety.
In the eyepiece Life plankton eye contour with a texture as comfortable, as effective, light, ultra moisturizing and soothing leaving this delicate area, intensely repaired and illuminated.

OILY SKIN: control oiliness, mattify, reduce pores and irregularities

Biotherm aqua pure super concentrate

As a daily treatment for a young skin that wants to mattify but do not dismiss hydration: Aqua pure super concentrate for oily to combination skin. With a composition that facilitates the remove of cells that asfixiates the skin for an uniform and fresh texture.
In the eye area: something as fresh as moisturizing to prevent the skin from dehydrating while decongesting such as the Aquasource total eye revitalizer!  Thanks to caffeine, the puffiness is minimized while vitamin B3 and Sakura leaf extract act in reducing dark circles.

If you still have any questions do not hesitate, every Wednesday, Teresa Costa will answer your questions. Contact her here!