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bio10 forte, the Revolution in Skin Depigmentation

19 April 2022

Eliminating skin blemishes in just four weeks is possible with Bella Aurora's line of bio10 forte depigmenting treatments, a leading brand in skin depigmentation.


The effectiveness of the bio10 forte treatment is due to the B-Core 221TM system of actives, an innovative technology patented by Bella Aurora laboratories.

"The exclusive BCore 221TM technology is a system of actives integrated in an intelligent capsule that facilitates their rapid absorption to the basal layer and allows depigmenting actives to directly address the melanocyte, without wasting active principle in its path. Thanks to its shape, the capsule allows a perfect fit in the melanocyte, the melanin-producing cells, where it fully releases its encapsulated active to obtain a greater depigmenting efficacy and, moreover, in half the time,"says Jordi Segura, R&D Director of Bella Aurora.

bio10 forte


Bio10 forte L-tigo, Bio10 forte M-lasma, Bio10 forte Mark-s, Bio10 forte ampoules, and now also Bio10 forte L-ocal, sold exclusively in pharmacies, offer specific solutions for each type of spot, differentiating them according to their origin.

Bio10 forte L-tigo: age or sun spots.

Bio10 forte M-lasma: spots of hormonal origin.

Bio10 forte Mark-s: spots of post-inflammatory origin.

Bio10 forte L-ocal: localized dark spots.


Enjoy radiant, even, and blemish-free skin!


**Sold exclusively in pharmacies. Hypoallergenic. Tested under dermatological control.