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Best products for scar skin treatment

Every scar has a story which can be only visible in your memory! In this magazine we will let you know the best product to recover damaged skin.


Cuts, burns, skin irritation or injuries are just a few of the skin lesions that trigger healing mechanisms. This processess can result in a more or less aesthetic scar; therefore an appropriate care of the damaged skin is essential for proper wound progression.

After cleansing and disinfecting of the wound, when it's necessary; it is important to create the right conditions so that the healing process occurs as homogeneous as possible, achieving a uniform skin recovery.

Depending on the characteristics of the wound healing, it can be classified in:

Healing by first intention


Where there is no significant loss of tissue or infection at the edges of the wound; which are close to each other. Therefore, the healing process is facilitated.

In a few weeks the skin gets back to it's original state, and the scar occurrence tends to be reduced.

This type of wound is common in small cuts, for example.


Healing by second intention

In this case, the loss of tissue is significant, so the process of tissue repair tends to be longer.

Depending on the extent of the lesion and healing conditions; tissue recovery can take several months; and the likelihood of developing a scar is higher.

In certain situations, it may be important to check a plastic surgeon .


Healing aid


KELO-COTE ® (1) is a product that reduces both the redness and the volume of scars, and it may be used concurrently for scar treatment and prevention. You should apply it as soon as the stitches are removed, in case of surgery; or when the wound is closed. The sooner you apply, the greater it's effectiveness! A thin layer of this product is enough to facilitate the unification of broken skin, and it should be used for a period of at least 60 to 90 days.

To soothe and protect your skin, especially in smaller wounds; we suggest the Cicapost cream (2) from ISDIN as the formulation is able to promote an effective skin healing, reducing itching and discomfort.

If you are looking for a bandage that promotes proper healing, Mepiform ® (3) is an excellent choice! Thin and discreet, these pads have the Safetac® patented technology, which is able to guarantee a perfect adhesion between the skin and the dressing; thus minimizing the pain during the exchange.

Complementary care



Even in the less visible scars, the recovered skin tends to remain more sensitive and susceptible to pigmentation; therefore it's necessary to ensure it's protection. The Anthelios xl spf50 stick sensitive areas (1) from the La Roche Posay is practical and easy to carry; thus being the ideal product to apply and reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

For a relief of itching and skin wound healing promotion, the SVR has developed a fast-acting solution and that dispenses the touch! The Cicavit + spray sos pruritus (2) has soothing and healing ingredients; also being suitable in case of chicken pox or allergies.

For a global action against irritation and adverse effects of the Sun, the solution is Cicabio 50 + (3) from Bioderma! It's formulation reduces the risk of scar hyperpigmentation, while it accelerates epidermis restore and reduces the likelihood of infection.


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