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Beauty routine: meet the right one for you!

The beauty daily routine is important to keep a healthy and beautiful skin. Meet the one that best suits to your needs with the recommendations of our beauty advisor, Teresa Costa.


After cleansing the skin, it is necessary to take care! Meet the right moisturizer, serum, eye cream or even mask that best suits to your needs. Our beauty counselor Teresa Costa, give me a hand!


If you have combination skin and are a fan of vitamin C, we recommend Aqua glow super concentrated which in a single gesture, the skin stays hydrated thanks to glycerin, vitamin C and Life Plankton, an unique ingredient that acts on the 8 mechanisms of defense of the skin.
For eyes, we recommend Life plankton eye contour cream, a multifunctional product with Collagen Support technology for smooth and brigthen this delicate area.

What if I just want to moisturize?

We propose the Aquasource moisturizer gel combined with Aquasource total eye revitalizer for the eye contour area, with light reflector particles that decongest, refresh and moisturize.

I want moisturizing and relax...

The Hydra-zen day cream, is a  care that integrates Neurocalm technology that helps neutralize the effects of emotional and environmental stress on the skin.
For eyes, Advanced génifique light pearl serum is really practical and effective! This eye treatment has an applicator inspired by surgical material to decongest, smooth, brighten and provide an anti-stress massage to the eye contour area. As additional action, it can be also applied at the base of eyelashes to strengthens them effectively.

DRY SKIN: comfort and elasticity

Dry skin requires a richer care to provide the needed lipids. To moisturize and give comfort Aquasource rich cream, is enriched with amino acids and 35 micronutrients essential to the skin, thanks to the component Life Plankton, an exclusive Biotherm.

If you want an anti-wrinkle and firming action, the Rénergie multi-lift day cream spf 15, associates a complex that acts on collagen and elastin, key ingredients responsible for its density. In this texture shea butter is associated to ceramides for an immediate and long-lasting comfort feeling.

To repair and intensely nourish the skin, Blue Therapy serum-in-oil leaves a texture easily absorbed by the skin, rich in omega 3 and 6 for a quick repair.

If your skin is mature and has as a priority to regenerate and deeply reconstitute the skin, we recommend the Absolue premium ßx fps15 regenerative day cream. This is a global anti-aging treatment, the result of more than 10 years of research with Proxykane a unique molecule with a unique power in cell matrix repair, associated with a reconstructive bio network. Its texture as luxurious as it is comfortable, it is subtly scented for a relaxing moment and unique in your routine.
For eyes, we recommend from the same range, Absolue yeux premium ßx regenerative and reconstituent eye cream, with an unique texture with intense and restorative nutrition.  Rich in repairing agents and with the same formula as the day cream of the line, it is presented with the right amount for the eye area. The results are visible since the first application, and it is only necessary to apply the equivalent amount of a rice grain size to each eye.

SENSITIVE SKIN: soothe, soften and strengthen

To smooth, protect, balance and strengthen the skin barrier, the routine should be started with life plankton elixir. A pipette always before any and all day cream, with a concentration of 5 % Life Plankton, highly recommended to all skins, especially the most sensitive.
As a daily moisturizer our recommendation goes to the Life plankton sensitive moisturizing and soothing emulsion,if the skin is mixed and Life plankton sensitive balm rich soothing,if the skin is dry.
In the eye area, of the same range, the Life Plankton eye cream with a texture as comfortable, as effective, light, ultramoisturizing and soothing leaving this area more delicate repaired and more luminous.

OILY SKIN: control shine, mattify, reduce pores and irregularities

As a daily treatment on young skin that wants to mattify, but not neglect hydration, Aqua pure super concentrate provides a uniform and fresh complexion. Its composition facilitates the removal of cells that suffocate the skin.
In the eye area, we propose something as fresh as moisturizer to prevent the skin from dehydrating while decongesting, the Aquasource total eye revitalizer.

Visionnaire fluid not only effectively reduces wrinkles but also helps reduce skin imperfections, minimize pores contributing to a better look and more radiant skin. For eyes the choice falls on the multicorrection eye contour balm that in a single gesture corrects wrinkles, smoothes, reduces puffiness and dark circles. Its slightly yellowish texture helps neutralize dark circles, and the subtly pearly finish helps brighten and rejuvenate the look. Its dosing makes its application practical with the most appropriate amount.


As a day care, we propose a powerful duo in the fight against wrinkles and firmness installed: the Renergie multi-lift reviveconcentrated plasma. This intense revitalizing concentrate is inspired by the latest surgical procedures, providing an immediate effect of firmer, brighter and visibly revitalized skin. It should always be used before day cream: its packaging even resembles an injection of assets into your skin, given its inspiration!
The Rénergie multi-lift spf15 provides firmness, wrinkle reduction and reshapes the oval of the face.

For restore the firmness and attenuate wrinkles, we recommend Rénergie multi-lift yeux eye contour wrinkles and firmness for in a single gesture gives toning, reduces wrinkles and provides a lifted skin.


The ideal time for Visionnaire 0.2% retinol concentrated night is before the night routine (if there isn't any incompatibility of products! ). In just one week, you will notice a skin as if it was renewed: smoother, homogeneous in terms of color and texture, wrinkles attenuated because the concentration of actives allows a new skin from the inside.
After this treatment, you can supplement with Visionnaire concentrate 15% vitamin C. It has an antioxidant, smoothing, antifatigue actions, promoting the firmness of the skin, because it contains a safe but effective concentration of Vitamin C, for provide to your skin, everything it needs to preserve youth in a long-lasting therm.

If there was any doubt do not hesitate, every Wednesday, Teresa Costa will answer your questions. Contact her!

Suggested Products

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Rénergie multi-lift reviva-plasma revitalizing firming anti-wrinkle 50ml - Lancome

Lancome - Rénergie multi-lift reviva-plasma concentré revitalisant fermeté anti-rides

  • Visionnaire 0.2% retinol night concentrate 30ml

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Visionnaire 0.2% retinol night concentrate 30ml - Lancome

Lancome - Visionnaire skin solutions 0.2% retinol

  • Visionnaire 15% vitamin c concentrate 2x10ml

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Visionnaire 15% vitamin c concentrate 2x10ml - Lancome

Lancome - Visionnaire skin solutions 15% vitamin c

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Visionnaire fluid 30ml - Lancome

Lancome - Visionnaire fluide

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