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Shine trought every seasons!

In the rain or sunshine, there is a right product for every occasion! Face all seasons of the year, in beauty!


The weather is not always on the side of our beauty ...

And sometimes it requires additional care to ensure hydration of the skin, keeping the hair disciplined or make your makeup last all day. Since our clients are spread all over the world, we put together the best products in our shop so you can face the 4 seasons of the year in beauty!


Did you know that Sun is responsible for 80% of the signs of aging, and the unprotected sunlight exposure is also a great risk to our health?
On the other hand, is also hot these days that our skin tends to be more oily, but also dehydrated.

Meet our suggestions that will make you more vibrant than de the sun!



1. Isdin - Fotoprotector gel cream dry touch spf 50+ face
Daily protection for normal and oily skin, to a touch matte dry.

(read article about control the oiliness of the skin in summer)

2. Shiseido-Ibuki quick fix moisturizing refreshing mist
The moisturizing and refreshing mist perfect for radiant skin! Ideal to carry with you to correct the excessive shine and dehydration of the skin will throughout the day.

(read article about beauty mists)

3. Clinique - Chubby stick
This fun and nutritious balm let your lips soft and irresistibly colorful!  In an ode to summer heat, the colors are vibrant and greedy! Irresistible!

4. Beautyblender - Blotterazzi washable oil blotting sponges
Made with the multi-award winning material of Beauty Blender, these innovative sponges absorb excess oils from the skin without disturbing your makeup for a radiant effect. Has a small mirror embedded in packaging that allows  touch-ups at any time of day, anywhere. The best friend of your summer!

5. Bioderma - Photoderm max spf50 compact
This compact with color protects against sunburn, prevent reactions of intolerance to sunlight and combat premature skin aging. Can be used as makeup base.


Yes, the real threat to hair and makeup ... is  the rain! But this selection of care will help you protect your hair, your look and also the health of your skin.


1. Orofluido - Asia zen control elixir anti-frizz
Exceptional frizz control, for a smooth and shiny hair, this elixir possess a conditioning formula that give flexibility and softness to the hair more unruly. How? Is created a film on the surface of the hair that coats the capillary cuticle, promoting and significantly increasing the luminosity and brightness.

2. Clarins - Double fix mascara waterproof topcoat for lashes
An invisible fixation gel which protects the durability of the mascara under all climates! Can be applied on any mascara or on unruly eyebrows! An innovative cocktail of very fine waxes and agents that form a true microfilm on which water slides!

3. Shiseido - Ultimune power infusing concentrate
Essential step to activate skin repair to resist to extetior damage such as dryness, wrinkles, sagging and uneven tone, while improving the function of the remaining products. Reduce the signs of ageing, the skin becomes smoother, filled, uniform and luminous. The vitality of the skin is restored and the skin's natural resistance to future damage is increased.

4. Yves Saint Laurent - Mascara volume effect faux cils waterproof
Effect of false eyelashes, this intense waterproof mascara provides a dramatic effect to resist all day, even in the most adverse situations.


One of the biggest assaults to our skin is the frequent exposure to air conditioning. Which can leave you dehydrated, dull and more sensitive to environmental pollutants.
This are the more moisturizers and illuminators products  you can find at our store!


1. Vichy - Mineral 89 moisture concentrate
A mineralising  boost with mineral water! This is not a serum, and must be applied immediately after your cleaning routine, and before all your care and moisturizing treatment so as to your potential absorption and effect. Additionally, this also contains hyaluronic acid and Glycerin, which help retain skin moisture.

2. Clarins - Moisture replenishing lip balm
The lip treatment that moisturizes, protects and beautifies, ensuring an immediate comfort. The tube contains a beveled edge, which allows a quick and easy application.

3. Clarins - Hydra essentiel intensive moisture bi-phase serum
SOS intensive care to the thirsty skin! Is a light and refreshing serum that provides the necessary hydration for the full comfort of dehydrated skin by daily aggressions of abrupt changes of temperature, pollution and environmental stress. A real splash of water for your skin!

4. Clinique - Moisture surge face spray
Quick and easy way to refresh and moisturize the skin with thirst, resetting your hydration levels ideals and giving it firmness through a hydrating complex bio-activated. Ideal for all skin types, Moisture Surge Face Spray is easily absorbed and leaves the skin soft and smooth to the touch.

5. Skinceuticals - Phyto corrective calming serum
Moisturizing fluid and quiet yet, formulated with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help soothe, soften and heal irritated skin. It is the ideal solution for sensitive skin! Associates natural extracts for the purpose of giving a fresh skin and a healthy appearance.


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