27 April 2023

Sweet Box By Joana Nobre

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As a kick-off, my goal was to create an essential care edit that could be for many of you the beginning of skincare. Or, for those of you who are more distanced from the world of cosmetics and don't really know how to start, that could help you find a simple but effective way to achieve healthy and beautiful skin. 

I have many friends who ask me for help in choosing their cosmetics; who want to have beautiful and cared for skin in a very practical way. It was thinking of my friends and also of you that I developed this Essentials Beauty Box, with three requirements in mind:simplicity, effectiveness and pleasure

The Essentials Beauty Box is composed of 6 products, curated to suit the essential steps of a cosmetic ritual:

  1. Cleaning and Makeup Removal
  2. Eye contour
  3. Moisturizing Serum
  4. Moisturizing Cream
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Lip Care

The task of choosing products in a universal way is not easy at all. However, there are products suitable for all skin types and these are, in my opinion, some of the best choices.

The chosen care products are ideal in their category because they adapt to the basic needs of all skins: hygiene, hydration and photoprotection. This transversality was considered so that everyone can have access to the Beauty Box and, thus, feel on the skin the benefits of a cared routine.

I use, or have used, all these products on my skin. I really like their formulas and love the feeling of immediate well-being they give. Cosmetics also has this side of great impact on our mental health on a daily basis, and that is wonderful.

I think this selection is truly foolproof and I hope you all can try it.  I will describe each of the products to you, highlighting only the essential points so that you can understand what made me decide to include them in this Sweetcare Beauty Box. The order in which they are presented will also be the one you should follow in your ritual.





Solution Micellaire Filorga

This multifunctional micellar water does much more than just cleanse the skin. This is a 3-in-1 product that cleans, removes makeup and moisturizes. It should be used daily, even if you don't wear makeup, morning and night, on your face and eyes, and it doesn't cause any discomfort.
It is effective on all kinds of makeup, including waterproof, and this is particularly useful for the most sensitive skin because it does not require many passes with the makeup remover pad, so it does not make the skin fragile. It doesn't need to be rinsed off, which doesn't mean it can't be rinsed off if you prefer. I personally prefer to always rinse my face with water.
This is a practical product, very comfortable, without any perfume, which starts the essential beauty ritual for all skin types.


This is a repairing and strengthening serum for the eye contour that is used in the morning and evening right after cleansing the face. One squeeze is enough for both eyes and it should be applied to the bony contour with light touches. The golden rule for the eye contour is just that: small amounts and gentle movements. 
Its formula is very simple, truly minimalist, but very effective. It guarantees hydration, freshness, smooths wrinkles and helps improve the appearance of dark circles, thanks to hyaluronic acid and caffeine. Fragrance and alcohol-free, this serum is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.





Minéral 89 Vichy

This iconic serum is Vichy's best-seller and it has reason to be! I used it on a recent trip to New York and despite the freezing temperatures and continuous mascara use, it performed fantastic. It will stay in my life forever, I'm sure! 
Formulated with only 11 ingredients, no fragrance and no silicones, this serum hydrates all skin by helping to replenish skin moisture levels. Use it morning and night and it is suitable for all skin types. For me, this product is the embodiment of the moto: keep it simple, less is more


Moisturization is essential to all skin, regardless of its type. 
This moisturizing cream, with three forms of hyaluronic acid, is used on the face, neck and décolleté, morning and night.
Simple, effective and very pleasant to use, it greatly improves the quality of the skin, because hydration is really the essential for a plumped, smoother and more luminous skin. I really like its texture and its discreet fragrance, very welcoming. 





Fusion Water ISDIN

In the morning, sun protection is essential for better protection against the sun and, consequently, against aging.  
This sunscreen with an index of 50 provides anti-UVB and anti-UVA photoprotection, is oil-free and therefore suitable for all skin types. It does not burn in the eyes, is very light and instantly hydrates the skin. It absorbs quickly and does not leave any kind of residue on the surface. It is perfect! 
Its plus: it is a sea-friendly product, which minimizes its impact on the environment, especially on marine environments.


Lips are a very special part of our face. Fragile and extremely exposed to harsh factors, regardless of the season, they require daily hydration and repair to remain comfortable, beautiful and full. 
This nourishing and plumping lip balm has a very comforting, non-sticky texture that prevents lips from drying out, leaving them plumper, with a beautiful shine and allowing their natural color to reactivate.
To use in the morning and at night, and throughout the day, whenever necessary. This is a product that accompanies me everywhere and I know that with it my lips will always be comfortable and ready for any talk.


I hope you enjoy all this care and feel the benefits on your skin. Some will be immediate; others will need more time to be perceived, but I am sure the results on your skin will be visible and very positive.
I always advocate a simple ritual. I believe that in the use of cosmetic products, the essential is enough. And the simpler and lighter these logistics are, the more likely we are to repeat them over and over again, morning and night, seven days a week, year after year.

  Skin care is fundamental to our physical and mental well-being, and consistency is the watchword for achieving results and reaching our goals. Skin care is a personal moment. Every investment we make throughout our lives will certainly make a difference in preventing aging and even some pathologies. There is nothing better than feeling good in our skin and that, many times, depends only on us.


All products featured on Joana Nobre's editorials are independently selected by her. However, when you buy something through her retail links, she may earn an affiliate commission.    

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