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Babé laboratories | cosmetics for all ages!

06 October 2020

Simple and safe formulations, with a clear goal: to rebalance your skin, so that you always feel good!

Babé Laboratories were born in 1994 in Valencia, preserving the highest pharmaceutical industry standards as a main reference. Each product is carefully thought taking into account your skin type and state, thus offering a high degree of effectiveness and tolerance.

With multiple product ranges you will find targeted solutions for babies, children and adults; without forgetting the special needs from adolescence and for the months of high sun exposure!


This range is an integral approach for those who are the most common needs for daily skincare. With different textures, adapted to every skin type; you'll be able to provide a proper cleansing and moisturizing, and to prevent the appearance from the first signs of age. Natural moisturizing factors, niacinamide, vitamin E and rosehip oil are some of the ingredients you can find on this line:






Stop AKN

Non-comedogenic products with textures adapted for oily to acne-prone skin. In addition, it's formulations include salicylic acid, Zinc PCA and Cytobiol™ Iris, a synergistic combination of iris extract, zinc and vitamin A. All your skin needs to minimize excessive shine and the appearance of imperfections.






Vitance Anti-OX

This range contains an exclusive Multi-antioxidant System from the Mediterranean; containing extracts from olive tree, vine, wheat and green tea. These ingredentes remain active for a period of 24h; thus inhibiting the harmful effects from oxidative stress that your skin is exposed to.






Iqualogy White

A range designed to prevent, lighten and unify the appearance of dark spots. Its active ingredients work in different stages of melanogenises without sensitizing the skin, therefore the products can be used all year round. The White 360° complex, from pea extract; joins niacinamide, a marine peptide inhibitor of melanin synthesis, and lactic acid.







If you are looking for high concentrations of active ingredients, this range is just for you! Babé has developed solutions to take care of the sagging, lack of radiance and skin irritation; and all of them guarantee moisturization and high tolerance for 24h, even during exposure to the Sun. The light textures allow them to be used by all skin types.







For hygiene, moisturising and care of specific skin needs. The Body line has textures and compositions adapted to atopic, dry and sensitive skin; thanks to soothing and moisturizing ingredients such as panthenol, urea, glycerin and shea butter.







A careful combination of calendula, mimosa and aloe vera extracts; which are able to soothe and soften the skin from the little ones! The Pediatric line provides maximum tolerance and enhanced natural skin barrier; offering solutions for specific situations such as craddle cap, atopic skin and diaper dermatitis.







This range is directed to clean, protect and balance the hair and scalp; offering specific formulations for oily hair, dandruff and hairloss; as well as a shampoo you can use everyday thanks to soft surfactants, which don't dry the hair or irritate the scalp.







Broad spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays; coupled with the Babé Calming Complex, which relieves the irritation caused by sun radiation. This range features nice textures adapted to all skin types, without forgetting the after-sun care.







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