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Cleanance, the acne answer by avène!

A fresh and complete approach to Acne Control! Meet the recommended dermatologist regimen to be used in conjunction with acne medications and treatments. Cleanance Daily Regimen, the solution!


Acne is a skin condition that is related to the sebaceous glands (responsible for sebum production) and its hair follicles. Acne is generated when there is an exacerbation of sebum by the sebaceous glands, and a pores obstruction  (sebum drain channel), resulting in the appearance of acne lesions. The appearance of these lesions may be related to the sebum condition, with the thickness, keratinization of the stratum corneum, overproduction or exacerbation of sebaceous glands, among others.


The pore clogging prevents sebum from reaching the surface of the skin, getting accumulated in the pore channel. This accumulation of sebum and dead cells are ideal conditions for the development of the Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes). This bacteria is responsible for the production of enzymes that attracts white blood cells responsible for inflammation (swelling, redness, heat, and pain). The result is acne lesions that can take many forms:

  • closed comedo: is simply an enlarged and plugged hair follicle. If the comedo stays beneath the skin, it is called a closed comedo and produces a white bump called a whitehead.  
  • open comedo: a comedo that reaches the surface of the skin and opens up is called an open comedo or blackhead because it looks black on the skin’s surface. This black discoloration is due to changes in sebum as it is exposed to air.
  • Papules: inflamed lesions that usually appear as small, pink bumps on the skin and can be tender to the touch.
  • Pustules (pimples): papules topped by white or yellow pus-filled lesions that may be red at the base.
  • Nodules: large, painful, solid lesions that are lodged deep within the skin.
  • Cysts: deep, painful, pus-filled lesions that can cause scarring.


Cleanace anti acne


The anti-acne treatment has some constraints. However the daily application of care directed to this manifestation, shows significant improvements, and is the best way to prevent marks and acne scars!

Meet a daily ritual that can significantly enhance the status and balance of your skin!



Cleanance cleansing gel

Facial cleansing is certainly a key part of the anti-acne treatment, because in addition to remove dirt, excess sebum and prevent bacterial accumulation, increases the permeability of skin to the treatment that follows.

The Cleanance Cleansing Gel by Avène it is formulated without soap, and combines key ingredients to efficiently fight the symptoms of acne without drying out or parch the skin.

It can be used on the face, neck, trunk and back, which are areas where acne lesions usually occur!

Apply morning and evening on previously wet skin. Emulsify with water and rinse thoroughly. Gently dry without rubbing. If necessary, spray with Avene thermal water to enhance the freshness.

Will feel your skin fresh and free! It's a great feeling.


Cleanance MAT mattifying lotion 

After cleaning, where dead cells, excess sebum and bacterial accumulation is removed from the skin surface, it is essential to purify and promote closure or decreasing pore diameter.

This action is possible with the aid of a suitable oily skin tonic: Cleanance MAT mattifying lotion!

A biphasic tonic enriched with thermal water, which contains astringents agents to cleanse the skin and shrink pores, without irritating or twitching the skin. 

This solution has suspended absorptive powders controlling the excess sebum production and provide mattifying effect to the skin, eliminating shines that emphasize throughout the day.

To apply must shake well before using to activate the biphasic formula, and with the help of a cotton pad pass over the skin.

purifying cleaning

Cleanance Mask 

Weekly is important to perform a thorough cleaning! However, oily skin should not use physical exfoliants, which granules exerting a mechanical scrub, when rubbed on the skin. The reason is because the scrub can spread the bacteria P. acnes, resulting in the appearance of new acne lesions!

An excellent alternative is the Cleanance Mask by Avène! A  3-in-1 clay mask which becomes an exfoliant that cleans, exfoliates and absorbs oil, visibly reducing the appearance of imperfections.

The exfoliation is carried out by an AHA-BHA complex (including glycolic acid and salicylic acid, among others) that releases the pores and promotes elimination of skin imperfections!

This mask should be applied once or twice a week.


mattifying daily care

Cleanance Mat Emulsão Matificante 

Destinado às peles oleosas e com brilho, regula a produção de sebo ao longo do dia, e confere um efeito matificante. A pele fica equilibrada durante o dia, reduzindo o excesso de sebo e brilho. Deverá aplicar de manhã, após a limpeza.

mild to moderate acne

Cleanance EXPERT

Enriquecido com água termal, esta fórmula inovadora, hidratante e matificante combate as imperfeições acneicas em qualquer estágio através de uma combinação única de três ingredientes! Prémio Inovação ALLURE 2015! 

stubborn imperfections

Triácneal Expert

Tratamento das imperfeições severas ou do acne tardio/adulto, e para remoção das marcas residuais de acne. Dada a sua formulação com AHA que promove uma ligeira descamação da pele! Deve ser aplicado à noite após a limpeza da pele. 


It is important to know that in the first few weeks you may check an exacerbation of acne, rather than an improvement! This reaction occurs by feedback of anti-acne treatment, where the skin tends to offset the sebum layer removed. However, with continuing treatment, the sebum production is regulated and the efficacy of treatment achieved.



Perfect Match Cleanace Sunscreen SP50+

The sun is a false friend! In fact, when there is exposure to sunlight, the skin tends to thicken and imperfections are disguised by tan. But when the sun exposure ends, the acne worse!

Furthermore, the recent acne scars when exposed to sunlight can leave unsightly stains and persistent brownish. To avoid these constraints, you should immediately protect the skin with a sunscreen product!

In this sense, a sunscreen, suitable for oily skin, leaving a dry finish on the skin (not greasy and heavy) is the ideal solution!

Note: Medicated anti-acne treatments, must be accompanied by a dermatologist as there are medications that cause photosensitivity.




Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, and has associated with it some myths that hinder their treatment.

Meet some MYTHS and Demystify Acne!

Demystify Acne

1st If we let the ACNE run, eventually ends running off!

Leave the acne exacerbate without taking any action, in dermatological terms, is not at all the most advisable! For many reasons:

  • Without treatment, spots, acne marks and scars may emerge after the disappearance of acne;
  • Treatment of acne and its results can significantly improve self-esteem;
  • Several targeted treatments for acne are available and have quite satisfactory efficacy rates.

2nd ACNE is a teens skin condition!

This idea is totally outdated. A growing number of people, mostly women, have episodes of acne recurrently, in their 30s, 40s and 50s. The cause of acne is not well understood, but it can be particularly frustrating.

3rd Chocolate and fats cause ACNE!

The chocolate and high-fat diet, are often blamed for the appearance of acne. But the truth is that there is no evidence to prove that these foods have effects on the development of acne lesions on the skin.




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