27 June 2022

Acne in Adolescence

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It is often a major cause of distress among young people. However, teenage acne offers an opportunity to take control of your skin and learn how to care for it without damaging it.

Why does acne often appear in adolescence?

Acne can also manifest itself during adulthood but is a skin condition often associated with puberty. This is known as teenage acne.
What causes teenage acne? During puberty, the body undergoes an increase in male and female hormones. They are responsible for the appearance of hair and breasts in girls, and a deep voice in boys... And they can also cause certain discomfort. They are in particular the cause of certain dysfunctions, such as excessive sebum production in the sebaceous glands. 
This excess sebum clogs the skin pores causing blackheads to appear. At the same time, this sebum thickens abnormally. Bacteria multiply inside the pores, which leads to the appearance of pimples.

What treatment should we adopt against acne in adolescence?

Different treatments can be considered during a visit to a dermatologist. These are often a combination of topical care (from skin creams) and oral treatments (antibiotics or isotretinoin for severe acne in teens).
You can also supplement your routine with skincare during these medical treatments. Now is the time to implement excellent habits in your life to stick around for life!

Wash your face thoroughly

The solution to acne in adolescence involves careful hygiene of the face, but also of all the areas affected by acne: back, neck, chest... Be careful, careful hygiene does not mean being ruthless: oily skin with imperfections is particularly sensitive due to the inflammatory phenomenon to which it is subjected. Use the purifying cleansing gel, which gently cleanses and purifies while maintaining the health of the hydrolipidic film that protects the face from possible aggression.

Maintain hydration

Even if a dermatologist prescribes a cream against acne, it is essential to preserve the hydration of your skin by applying, in addition, a light cream. In this case we avoid overloading our skin with overly rich textures.

Purify the skin 

Once a week, do an extra cleansing and cleansing with a purifying clay mask, allows you to unclog pores and cleanse the skin. 

Act with adapted active ingredients

It is possible to add in the routine a specific care for skin prone to acne, particularly by applying a pure active ingredient in the recommended doses and duration:

Caudalie vinoperfect
  • Salicylic acid is applied locally, on the imperfection(s) unaesthetic(s), and at night. It offers a keratolytic and comedolytic action, by eliminating dead cells favoring skin renewal, and limiting black spots;
  • Zinc gluconate acts directly on the production of sebum, and therefore on the primary causes of acne. This prevents the appearance of imperfections.
  • Propolis purifies, cleanses and soothes oily skin with imperfections. It is particularly useful for calming inflammatory acne and visibly reducing the number and size of imperfections.


A routine that should be accompanied by a diet low in fats and sugars, and by a regular physical activity to release toxins!

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