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Beauty for real life: night serums

19 April 2022

8H Magic Night Serum e Overnight Serum: two cares for your hair during the night!



Kérastase has launched the key product for overnight care of dry hair - 8H Magic Night Serum. A leave-in night serum that focuses on nourishing all types of dry hair. During the night, hair tends to reverse the loss of the day by absorbing all the nutrients from your hair care. Infused with Iris Root extract and a blend of 5 vitamins, including vitamin E, the serum penetrates deep into the fiber for 8 hours for 100% absorption to restore hair's balanced levels of nutrition.


Its creamy, lightweight texture adapts to all hair types: on fine hair, it helps detangle and gives greater manageability on normal to coarse hair. When applied at night, the hair progressively absorbs the nutrients from the nourishing serum to reverse the loss of nutrition during the day. This milky cream is quickly absorbed by the hair. The next morning, hair is nourished and visibly softer, easier to comb and with a light satin finish. 

shu uemura

On the other hand, we have the Overnight Serum from Shu Uemura's iconic Essence Absolue range. Getting eight hours of sleep a day is essential to restore our well-being, so we treat the skin on our face before going to bed. With that same approach, Shu Uemura has met the needs of the most demanding customers and made it possible to treat the hair as well, thanks to Essence Absolue Overnight Serum by Shu Uemura.
Targeted at dry and very dry hair, this serum has red camellia oil, rich in fats that are quickly absorbed by the hair fibers. Simply apply the serum to the damaged or dry ends before bed and leave it on overnight, to wake up with shiny and hydrated hair.