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60 Seconds to Transform Your Skin

10 March 2023

The resolution for beautiful, groomed skin. "I don't have time!", we often say and hear this phrase. I accuse myself, have said it a few times, at different times and in different situations.


But I realized, perhaps recently, that in my day-to-day life I need to take time for me.

It's important to find that space of ours, of reconnection, to recharge batteries, to visualize the day, it's an essential gesture of self-care.


And why not start the day with 60 seconds just for you and your skincare routine. A simple, quick, pleasurable gesture with immediate results of well-being, also visible on your skin.

With only 2 steps, 2 products and 60 seconds we propose an ultra-powerful Anti-Aging routine.

60 seconds, that's how long it takes to apply on your face and then get immediate and visible results on your skin.



With Super Serum [10] for smoother, plumper, more luminous skin, and in the skin structure with Merveillance Lift day cream, for an instant lift effect and greater firmness.  These are 2 super products for a high-performance, ultra-fast routine, the perfect combination for busy women who want to take care of their skin.

Let's get to know the heroes of this routine better.


Step 1 - Super Serum [10]

since the 1st drops

smoother - plumped - radiant skin


We start the routine with our No. 1 serum(1), a universal anti-aging concentrate to make your skin work like it's 10 years younger(2). Its irresistible formula helps stimulate the skin's key youthful mechanisms by reactivating older cells, increasing collagen, and correcting blemishes and closing pores. Skin is firmer, more even, and wrinkles are smoothed.

With excellence in performance and sensoriality, this care has in its formula Natural Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Microspheres of Fractionated Vegetable Oils, and now we find it in a deluxe size of 50ml.

Don't forget its 2 "phases" texture, in which we immediately feel the freshness and lightness of a serum base, and then, one by one, the microspheres merge and wrap themselves around the skin like a veil of softness and comfort. The olfactory signature of Nuxe is present in this care through a delicious fragrance that gradually reveals itself with light and vegetal notes.


Step 2 - Merveillance Lift

Powdery Cream

instant lifting effect

the skin becomes firmer


Go for our #1(1) anti-aging care that reinvents wrinkle correction. With ultra-corrective microalgae oil, this day care has a filling texture with instant lifting and perfecting effect for a zero-defect finish. Wrinkles are smoothed and skin is firmer, strengthened and visibly younger.

This care also exists in a velvety cream version for normal to dry skin.

With ultra-sensory textures and an irresistible fragrance we have at the heart of these formulas, the Microalgae Oil obtained through a green and eco-responsible technology: each drop concentrates the power of 4 billions of active cells to strengthen the dermo-epidermal junction, a fundamental area for skin firmness.

It is the ideal duo for an effective and also responsible routine with vegan formulas, with a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin, without silicones and with recyclable packaging.


This routine should be implemented morning and night, with the Super Serum [10] being the first universal step and then the application of another care with the response directed to the needs and typology of each skin.

Remember that our skin needs to be cared for, the ideal routine should go through several steps: cleansing and makeup removal, exfoliating and facial masks, application of serum, daily care (night and day and for different concerns) and sun protection.

We can reserve a day of the week or a part of our day for a moment of complete self-care, remembering that cleansing and sun protection are essential for good skin condition.


(1) Data from sell in wholesale at the end of September 2022 - fixed annual total - value. (2) In vitro testing.