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2017's resolutions

04 February 2020

Have you thought about yours? Whatever they are, SweetCare will give you some help :)

Each new year is an opportunity to change! And surely we all have something in our life that we would like to modify. At Sweetcare we want to help you make your life easier, whatever the challenge you are proposing yourself!

That's why we present you a some popular New Year's resolutions, explaining its importance, and suggesting you the right  products so that you are able to succeed in 2017!

Are you eady to change? : D

Everyone knows that we should cleanse our face every day, but not everyone knows why. Keeping the makeup on the face for too long causes the skin to accumulate impurities and dead cells on its surface, becoming thick, rough and dull.

For those suffering from excess oil or acne this can be particularly harmful! On dirty skin, the pores get easily clogged, and the likelihood of developing pimples increases significantly! But if you don't have dry skin you shouldn't worry any less! Even because every product you apply on cleansed skin will work a lot better!

For all of these reasons, it is essential that we cleanse the face at the end of the day, and preferably in the morning as well. There are products suitable for all skin types, preferences and sensitivity:


Oily to combination skin

Youth LabSVRSesdermaCaudalie






Dry to very dry skin







Eyes and lips make-up remover


ClarinsLa Roche Posay





This is probably the most desired New Year's resolution of all ...

Losing weight can be a real challenge, especially when you don't have much time to exercise or plan balanced meals. But when we are truly determined we can't give in to excuses! That's why it's important to take a few minutes and plan the week, assigning specific times each day to train, prepare lunches and snacks, or simply take a good walk.

Are you lacking in motivation? At SweetCare we have some products that can help you on your weight loss jouney, and will certainly motivate you to be faithful to this new lifestyle!


BioActivo30 DaysDepuralina






Make-up has the power to transform us into the person we want to be, thus influencing our self-esteem and confidence throughout the day! Especially at that very important party, at the meeting in which we want to impress, or at that fun dinner with friends.

But sometimes make-up is anything but simple, and we don't always have the courage to risk in combinations of unexpected shadows, gaudy colors or marked outlines ...

If you don't know where to start, we leave you in our magazine some tutorials that will surely give an extra help!

If you don't have everything you need, SweetCare has selected some wonderful products that will make you face each important moment of this new year with more strength!



ShiseidoDiorCliniqueLa Prairie







CliniqueAveneLa Roche PosayClinique







CliniqueLa Roche PosayVichyErborian






Think of that hairstyle you always wanted but you never had the guts to get. It may be a radical haircut or simply an unexpected color, nothing stops you from changing :)

But if you want to keep the hair beautiful and healthy after changing, it is essential to choose hair care products that nourish the hair, protect the color, or even help to support your new hairstyle.

With that in mind, we propose you several product to alter, style and protect your hair :)


Straightening and curling

Rene FurtererKerastaseRene FurtererPhyto






Change of hair color

KerastasePhytoInteaRene Furterer






New hairstyle 

KerastasePhytoRene FurtererViviscal





On the daily routine, our hands are a lot more exposed than we can imagine! They say many things about us: what kind of job we have, if we like to take care of ourselves, and depending on the colors we use on our nails, they may even convey some of our tastes and personality traits.

We know that it isn't always easy to have our hands as beautiful as we would like, and there is no time to visit the manicure regularly... That said, and because we want your hands to convey care and confidence, at SweetCare we chose some elegant and practical products that will leave you without excuses not to do your own manicure!










EssieMavalaLa Roche Posay







Nail care







As well as our hands, the fragrance we leave in the places we pass by tells a lot about us. The sweetest and most floral aromas reveal elegant and seductive people, the freshest and spicy aromas are characteristic of the most athletic and adventurer ones... But whatever your personality ia, there are fragrances for all tastes and shapes!

However, some perfumes have marked their place in Perfumery history because of their ability to convey a special atmosphere and acharacter. For the year 2017 we have chosen some of the most iconic perfumes ever, which will not leave anyone indifferent to your presence!

Thierry MuglerLancomeDiorCarolina Herrera






Everyday we take more work home, and it is hard to turn off in moments of leisure and rest. This is neither healthy for us nor for the well-being of our family, so it's important to know clearly when it's time to turn off Wi-fi, save the tablet, and enjoy the time we have for ourselves.

In order to help you get into "relax mode", Sweetcare has selected some products which have everything to do with this attitude and that will certainly help you to enjoy your leisure moments!


To help you relax







To pamper yourself