01 June 2016

14 surprising things that ruin your skin!!

Sleeping with your make up on? Not enough exercise? Sleep deprivation? Find how to not ruin your skin...learn how to take care of it.



 Sleeping with makeup

Falling asleep with makeup on is one of the worst enemies for your  skin. Can lead to bacterial infections and it is one of the causes of appearance of acne. If you  put on your bedside the make-up remover wipes, you will see that you will never forget to take out the makeup and your skin will thank you. It's so easy!


Sleep deprivation

Sleep at least 8 hours is essential. Not only for your well-being, but also to keep your skin healthy. The rest is super important for a fresh, young and glowing skin.


 Not remembering your lips

It is very important that your beauty routine also include the hydration of your lips. With the numerous offers of lip balms, there is no excuse to fail!



Avoid stress - is another worst enemy of your skin! Can cause dark spots, rashes, wrinkles. To avoid situations that cause you exhaustion, devote yourself to activities that give you pleasure: as yoga, reading a good book, walk outdoors.


 Not enough exercise

Exercise and gymnastic helps increase blood flow that, in turn, gives your face a healthy glow. Moreover, it's great to cleans the body's toxins and a good way to escape the routines of day-to-day.


Overdoing the sugar

The consumption of sugar in exaggerated quantities could prove to be a danger to your skin, since the sugar damages the collagen fibers responsible for the firmness of your skin! Enjoy a square of chocolate, and let the rest of the tablet to your friends ;)


 Drinking too much alcohol

Wine, beer, liqueurs, white spirits ... Whatever is in exaggeration, will damage the hydration of your skin. The alcoholic drinks can lead to skin dehydration, aging and wrinkles! Not mention the exaggerated rosy aspect that it gives to the face!



Attention to all smokers... and secondhand smokers! Even if you don't smoke, being around smokers accelerates the aging process of the skin and appearance of wrinkles!


 Heavy Makeup

Take a few days of the week and give a rest to your skin, avoiding the use of makeup. It is necessary let your skin breathe. Otherwise you will  speed up the aging of the skin and clog pores


Skipping meals

Did you know that do not have rules regarding meals can lead to prematre aging? And can dehydrate the skin faster? Certefique that you heat at leats every three and that your meal includes vitamin A, B, C and E


 Test too many cosmetics

Avoid experience too many products. If you want to test a makeup product, a lotion or a cream, always test make this new product on a smal patch of skin, for example in the arm to prevent allergic reactions! This way you will avoid a skin nightmare!


Not drink enough water

Daily hydration is the key to getting a youthful, fresh and beautyful look. The water prevents the appearance of wrinkles and skin aging. So drink it!


 Yo Yo Dieting

Say goodbye to crazy diets! This type of diet affect your body, your well being and skin. The constant loss and weight gain, leads to stretch marks and harms your health.


Wearing dirty sunglasses

Often we discarded the task of cleaning the glasses, but be warned this is a very important process! The lenses often contain bacteria that can be spread by your pores and cause irritation. Remember that your glasses are on the bridge of your nose!

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