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Topialyse Eyelid Cream Irritated Eyes - SVR

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    SVR Topialyse Eyelid Cream Irritated Eyes 15 mL
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SVR - Topialyse Eyelid Cream Irritated Eyes 15 mL

Svr Topialyse Eyelid Cream Irritated Eyes - SVR

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Palpebral Topialyse is a cream for itchy eyes, especially indicated for atopic skins!

Protect your eyes, with the best care!

Use in eyes with irritation of the eyelids caused by: makeup, contours of the eyes, eye drops, contact lens-related products, paints (PPD), pollen, coatings, dermatological treatments, air-conditioners, among other situations.

It is characterized by redness eyelid, eyelids and periocular dry and itchy!

Palpebral Topialyse soothes and relieves!
Protects from external aggressions and fight against the bacterial proliferation.
Contains Dextran sulfate, known for it's decongestant properties!



How to Use




Eyelid Topialyse, should be applied after cleaning with saline, massaging lightly with the tip of the index finger gently.



A specific range for dry skin and atopic dermatitis, consisting of emollient and cleansing products that provide hydration and comfort to such sensitive skins.

Every product is formulated in order to offer maximum tolerance and they are also tested on people with atopic dermatitis.


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