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Hero apnea monitor for babies - Snuza

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    Snuza Hero mobile baby movement monitor
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Snuza - Hero mobile baby movement monitor

Snuza - Hero mobile baby movement monitor




Baby's sleep...

SNUZA has been developed to help parents protect their baby.
This allows identifying causes of respiratory crisis in baby, calling attention to this fact. On the other hand it also controls the anxiety of parents in constant concern for your baby's breathing.

Peace of mind wherever you and your baby go!

Why use a SNUZA?
Sleep apnea is considered the leading cause of sudden death syndrome in children and a constant concern of parents.
Most newborn deaths occur when a baby stops breathing. In most cases, the situation goes undetected and no resuscitation is started.

You simply put the SNUZA in your baby diaper. Anywhere, it will monitor the breathing of your baby and will alert you in the event of any irregularity.

How SNUZA Hero works?
The monitor is easily placed in the diaper, with the violet/blue end in contact with your baby's tummy and should be used in any place or time the baby can fall asleep even in car trips, for example.

In the case of the baby suffering from apnea (not breathing) for 15 seconds, the vibratory system will begin to vibrate in an attempt to wake up the baby and resume breathing.
If the respiratory movement is not detected for another 5 seconds, the tone will sound for parents to act.

Important Notes:





SNUZA has been developed to help in the care of newborns.
SNUZA not DISCLAIM parents in their task of caring for the baby.
CE marked products.

Replaceable Battery. 

Device mesures = 7cm long | 3cm width


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