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Triple lipid restore 2:4:2 treatment - Skinceuticals

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    Skinceuticals Triple lipid restore 2:4:2 48ml
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Skinceuticals - Triple lipid restore 2:4:2 48ml

Triple lipid restore 2:4:2 - Skinceuticals

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With the advancing age and skin aging, it accelerates the loss of natural compounds on the skin's surface in the form of ceramides, natural cholesterol and fatty acids, compromising the skin's natural protective barrier.

The skin loses its self-healing ability, resulting in visible signs of aging such as dehydration, discomfort and loss of brightness.

Skinceuticals presents Triple Lipid Restore 2: 4: 2 - An anti-aging care with an unique formulation of maximized lipid concentration:

2% Pure Ceramide (synergistically proven to increase hydration of the natural sjin's barrier)
4% Natural Cholesterol (proven to accelerate the recovery of the skin barrier, improving skin's elasticity)
2% Fatty Acid (assists the structural integrity of the lipids to optimize overall lipid balance of the skin)

Clinically proven to improve moothness, sagging and pores for a skin visibly more radiant!

  • Restores the essential skin lipids: ceramides, natural cholesterol, and fatty acids
  • It improves the appearance of skin texture and appearance of pores
  • Improves the uniformity and brightness of the skin
  • It provides improved moisturizing for 24 hours
  • Unique stabilization system in a light, quickly absorbed texture

In an 8-week study conducted by Skinceuticals, Triple Lipid Restore 2: 4: 2 significantly improved the appearance of visible signs of accelerated aging:

66% smoother skin
35% firmer skin
20% more uniform skin
26% more radiant skin
44% improvement in the appearance of pores


How to use





Apply a small amount between your fingers, warming the cream, applying in a circular motion.
Apply twice a day on the face, neck and chest.


Skinceuticals livechat!
Skinceuticals livechat!
Skinceuticals specialist, Liliana Rosa, answered all your questions! And because these can also be your doubts, we leave a summary!
Skinceuticals, the preventive skin care
Skinceuticals, the preventive skin care
Because when it comes to skin issues, prevention is the best weapon against aging, get to know the SkinCeuticals PREVENT range, that will help you preserve the most precious good of your skin: its youth!

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