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Gentle Cleanser Mild Cream for Sensitive or Dry Skin - Skinceuticals

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    Skinceuticals Gentle Cleanser Mild Cream 200 mL
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Skinceuticals - Gentle Cleanser Mild Cream 200 mL

Gentle Cleanser - Skinceuticals



This smooth cleansing cream, skin removes impuritiesm make-up and excess oil, without drying out the skin.
A proper cleaning of the skin, carries numerous benefits besides the welfare and the sensation of purity.

Cleansing the skin, controls excess oils, promotes hydration, provides a greater permeability and cutaneous penetration, removes dead cells and thins the skin grain.

To this propose , SkinCeuticals developed cleaning care, which enhance antioxidant and corrective care.

Tones, Softens, Soothes

Its soothing, and non-irritating properties, allow you to relieve and soothe sensitive or traumatized skin.

This care is formulated with:

  • Orange oil -soothing action
  • Allantoin -with emollient action



How to use






Apply with the help of a cotton disk.

May be used multiple times per day.

Suitable for all skin types.


Cleanser & Tone - SkinCeuticals

Containing gentle cleansing agents combined with purifying substances, SkinCeuticals cleansers and toners remove impurities and exfoliate dead cells without damaging the skin.

Formulated according to professional standards, this care leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean with no trace of dry or oily skin.



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