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Age eye complex mature skin treatment - Skinceuticals

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    Skinceuticals Age eye complex eye contour 15ml
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Skinceuticals - Age eye complex eye contour 15ml

Skinceuticals - Age eye complex





Experts in the skin aging process, medical researchers of SkinCeuticals developed A.G.E. Eye Complex.

These care has been specifically formulated to reverse the erosion loss of elasticity and firmness as a result of advanced glycation processes.

A.G.E. Eye Complex helps prevent glycation process and correct severe signs of skin aging.

Triple Action:

Anti-glycation,  Anti-dark circles,  Anti-puffiness

Unique Anti-aging results

With an unique formulation of combination components that visibly improve the signs of aging, the A.G.E. Eye Complex, consists of:

  • Optical Diffusers improve radiance and minimize the appearance of dark circles and capillaries, around the eyes;
  • Complex of Flavonoids and Peptides with synergic action, this complex reduces the appearance of dark circles and reduces the swelling and the appearance of bags under her eyes;
  • 5% of Proxylane -restores water and the supply of nutrients to the dermo-epidermal junction, visibly reducing wrinkles and Crow's feet.
  • 4% of Blueberry extract helps interrupt the formation of Advanced Glycation End-products (A.G.E.), avoiding the appearance of future wrinkles and Crow's feet.


The Skinceuticals treatment best suited for you?

SweetCare proposes the personalized beauty Skinceuticals program, for a specific response to the needs of your skin.
Send us your answer and receive an email with the Skinceuticals suggestion for your personalized treatment program.

How to use






Apply one to two times per day at the eye contour and the eyebrows.

Indicated for mature skin with deep wrinkles and flaccidity.

Age: between 45 and 50 years.


Correct - SkinCeuticals

Corrective products from SkinCeuticals combine reparative, whitening and exfoliant ingredients to help rehabilitate the skin, restoring its youthful and healthy appearance.

The perfect symbiosis between active ingredients and advanced technologies correct fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne and more.

Correct - SkinCeuticals is a line of specific treatments for skin problems.


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19 January 2018

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