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Advanced Pigment Corrector Reduce Stubborn Discoloration - Skinceuticals

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    Skinceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector 30 mL
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Skinceuticals - Advanced Pigment Corrector 30 mL

Advanced Pigment Corrector - Skinceuticals



In order to suppress the need for uniformity of skin tone, and the response to the search for effective anti-pigmentation treatments, Skinceuticals developed an innovative care, which allows:

1º - Eliminate persistent pigmentation
2º - Strengthen the resistance of the skin against the trend for pigmentation
3º - Check luminosity and brightness of a renewed and healthy skin

Daily Anti-Pigmentation Treatment

Developed with a technology "multi-layer"-Multitier, it helps correct pigmentary stains caused by chronic exposure to UV rays and hormonal variations. This powerful watch, without hydroquinone, helps correct the widespread hyperpigmentation and localized, and prevent its reappearance through continued use.

Its high performance is achieved through the association of actives, the efficacy of the product:

  • 0.3% Salicililco Acid, promotes an exfoliation of the stratum corneum, improving product penetration and gradually eliminating the existing stains.
  • 1% Hydroxy Acid-phenoxy-propoónico(non-toxic derivative of hydroquinone), inhibits the transfer of melanin in keratinocytes.
  • 0.5% Ellagic Acid, blocks excess melanin by inhibiting tyrosinase in the basal layer.
  • 5% yeast extract, protects and stimulates the fibroblasts in the DermIS to increase the resistance of the new skin pigmentation.


How to use





Apply a small amount, 2 times per day across the face in cases generalized pigmentation, or in the affected areas. Proceed with the usual care.

Limit sun exposure during the entire treatment.

Suitable for all skin types.

Individual results may vary depending on the type of skin, levels of pre-existing damage caused by sun or genetic heritage.


Correct - SkinCeuticals

Corrective products from SkinCeuticals combine reparative, whitening and exfoliant ingredients to help rehabilitate the skin, restoring its youthful and healthy appearance.

The perfect symbiosis between active ingredients and advanced technologies correct fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne and more.

Correct - SkinCeuticals is a line of specific treatments for skin problems.


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