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Straightforward blow dry oil spray - Shu Uemura

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    Shu Uemura Straightforward blow dry oil spray 185ml
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Shu Uemura - Straightforward blow dry oil spray 185ml

Shu Uemura - Straightforward time-saving blow dry oil

Shu Uemura



Straightforward oil spray allows a faster drying of hair while providing a smooth perfect effect as a straightener iron.

      Drying up to 2x faster!

      Spray formula provides a protective coating to each strand leaving it soft, shiny and making it easy to manage. In addition, it is ideal for normal and thick hair, since it decreases the time necessary with the hair dryer, getting the hair with a perfect smooth finish.

      Ideal for sleek hairstyles, without frizz and curls. 

      Safe for colour-treated hair.

      How to use

      Shu Uemura




      Apply on dry or dried with towel before drying with hair dryer or outdoors.


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