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Sheer and perfect foundation spf15 - Shiseido

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    Shiseido Sheer perfect foundation spf15 d30 very rich brown 30ml
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Shiseido - Sheer perfect foundation spf15 d30 very rich brown 30ml

Shiseido - Sheer and perfect foundation spf15




The Noise of the Colour:
No matter how many times we heard expressions such as "garish color" or "shrill". When the hue of a skin is not harmonious, the skin becomes noisy and view various colors on the surface - redness, blackheads, acne, pigmentation spots, freckles and scars -immediately creates an effect of a tired, dull skin and aged. The noise of the colors are important, because they make the skin tone a little more uniform.

The Shiseido launches the new Sheer and Perfect Foundation, a fluid basis that evens the skin tone and provides a healthy and bright finish all day.

Objective: A perfect skin!

Formulated with the exclusive ingredient Reflect and Fit Powder, contain three types of light-reflecting granules that act to visibly achieving acne marks, dull hair, wrinkles and enlarged pores, for a perfect complexion and regular tone.

Has in its formulation Glycerin, which suppresses the adverse effects of unsaturated fatty acids which cause the dilation of pores.

The Hydro-producing complex maintains the moisture level of the skin, and its softness.

Has an incomparably light and refreshing texture that does not feel.

How to Use





Apply directly after the base.

Shake well before using.

Spread from the center out.

Apply with your hands or with the Foundation Brush.

Shiseido the Make-up

Created to celebrate and enhance the beauty, Shiseido Make-up, features an exceptional collection of colors and textures.

So that all women can enjoy a look that suits your personality, the Shiseido ensures an always current and modern collection with a wide range of colors and application options.



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