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Revitalizing body emulsion - Shiseido

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    Shiseido Revitalizing body emulsion 200ml
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Shiseido - Revitalizing body emulsion 200ml

Shiseido - Revitalizing body emulsion




Suitable for those who want a highly moisturizing emulsion to keep the skin in healthy condition.

It has a rich texture non-greasy!


Excellent to be used in the summer season or in humid climates.

This light and silky emulsion is developed to leave the skin filled, hydrated and luminous.

It promotes the skin metabolism, to hydrate from the interior during the day and increases moisture retention.

It promotes a healthy blood circulationto improve skin tone.

It is formulated with a aromachology fragrance that enhances the protective barrier function.

How to Use






Use with clean skin.

Warm up slightly between hands, breathing in the fragrance and apply in a circular motion.

Shiseido Body Care

The Shiseido's body line has as main key the natural renewal cycle to a beautiful and healthy body.

Each product was developed with a different aromachology formulation selected according to the function thereof.


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