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Firming massage mask combines the anti-aging and relaxation benefits - Shiseido

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    Shiseido Firming massage mask 50ml
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Shiseido - Firming massage mask 50ml

Shiseido - Firming massage mask




This mascara is innovative because it combines two actions in one product (massage and treatment).

The skin becomes immediately hydrated and retexturized


A mascara treatment gel that when massaged provides to the skin granules of vitamin E.

It will energize all functions of the skin and promote microcirculation, improving texture, tone and contours.

The skin becomes immediately filled, smooth and bright.

The contours become more defined and reaffirmed.

How to Use






Apply 1-2 times a week, after cleansing and soothing the skin.

Massage gently for 2-3 minutes and allow to stand 3 minutes more.

Remove excess with a tissue or eliminate with water and apply the usual treatment.

Shiseido Essentials

This line consists of products that cut across the other lines and that are essential to bring out the best of your skin.

Combine products of Essentials line with your daily treatment and see the condition of your skin improving from day to day!


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last update: 04 January 2018

Bio-performance glow revival shiseido
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