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Adenogen hair energizing formula reinvigorating treatment for hair - Shiseido

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    Shiseido Adenogen hair energizing formula 150ml
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Shiseido - Adenogen hair energizing formula 150ml

Shiseido - Adenogen hair energizing formula




Suitable for men and women with visible signs of hair loss.

Recover the brightness and the health of your hair!


This treatment is formulated with adenosine, a biocompatible ingredient that promotes the growth and makes the hair thicker.

It will fight the fall and thinning hair and promote growth.

Enhances the vitality of roots and keeps the scalp clean.

How to Use






Apply 10 drops and massaging directly the scalp twice a day.


With a different approach, this line of treatment will be a new generation of hair growth tonics.

Its composition and its special ingredient act instantly and promote the growth of hair absolutely safe, with proven efficacy 94.1%.


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