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Thioderm-r antioxidant food supplement - Sesderma

Discontinued Product.
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Thioderm-r plus is the dietary supplement indicated for the treatment of aging and photoaging (wrinkles, melasmas) manifestations, and in cases where there is the need for anti-oxidant nutrients contribution (stress, tobacco, alcohol, environmental contaminants, excess sun exposure, sports).

With extraordinary antioxidant 

and energetic properties


  • Alpha-linoleic acid in its composition, acts as a Coenzyme in numerous metabolic processes of the body.
  • It's also effective as a metals chelator, and stimulates the immune system, participating in the synthesis of prostaglandin.
  • Lycopene, a natural pigment that belongs to the family of carotenes, with a superior antioxidant power in relation to vitamin C, or beta-carotene.


How to use





Take 1 capsule/day, with plenty of fluids, preferably on an empty stomach.


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last update: 01 June 2016

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