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Sesnatura Firming Cream Body and Bust - Sesderma

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    Sesderma Sesnatura Firming Cream Body and Bust 250 mL
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Sesderma - Sesnatura Firming Cream Body and Bust 250 mL

Sesnatura Crema Reafirmante de Senos Y Cuerpo - Sesderma

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Sesnatura bust and body cream gives firmness, softness and hydration to your skin, providing a younger appearance.

Firms and smoothes the skin

Over time, our skin becomes more flaccid, losing the softness and the tonality of young skin. All the layers of the skin are subjected to various structural changes that cause change of tonality and loss of firmness. These changes lead to a loss of internal pressure, resulting in relaxation of the fabric and the decrease in density of the DermIS and, consequently, the collapse of the characteristics and body contouring.

The external causes which accelerate the appearance of flaccidity:

  • Over exposure to the Sun generates a large quantity of free radicals that attack our cells and alters the support fibers.
  • Sudden loss of weight.
  • Volume changes (pregnancy, growth...)

Plays in the prevention and treatment of flaccidity due to weight loss, pregnancy, over sun exposure, lack of exercise and aging.

Indicated for the treatment of the loss of elasticity and dryness of the breasts and body.

Protects from premature aging and revitalizes the skin.

After application, gives an immediate effect of hardening due to content eltanol dimethylamino, a natural nutrient that increases the muscular tonus.

How to use






Apply twice a day with a massage to facilitate the absorption of the cream.

Ideal treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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