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Reti age anti-aging cream, wrinkles, loss of firmness - Sesderma

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    Sesderma Reti age anti-aging cream 50ml
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Sesderma - Reti age anti-aging cream 50ml

Reti age crema anti-idade - Sesderma

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The Sesderma laboratories launched a line of treatment that goes beyond the conventional approach to skin aging and the treatment of wrinkles installed:

Reti Age Anti-Aging Cream prevents and corrects the signs of skin aging originated mainly by chronological aging: fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, brightness and firmness.

A line with an extraordinary innovative complex that enhances the effectiveness of anti-aging treatments!

System Retinol-3 - Sesderma's laboratories were able to encapsulate three types of retinol, creating an innovative "3-retinol System" which allows the use of lipossomal Vitamin A by sensitive skins and even with rosacea, without suffering irritation!

This innovative system has Retinol of Retarded Effect with a gradual release to maximize skin tolerance to the treatment, Retinol of Immediate Effect for enhancing the response of the skin to other treatments which follow, and Retinol of Continuous Effect, a continuous retinol contribution to the skin exerting a constant anti-aging action.

The results are visible:

  • Decreased appearance of wrinkles;
  • Increased firmness, redefining the facial contour;
  • Unification of skin tone;
  • Potentiation of moisturizing;
  • Increased immunity of the skin with time;
  • Increasing the skin's resistance to external aggression;

Composition: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, biomimetic peptides, Retinol, hydrolyzed Hyaluronic acid, Retinaldehide, Ergothioneine, TGF- 2 growth factor , Pterostilbene, Retinyl palmitate

How to use





Apply only at night after the Reti Age Liposomal Serum.

During the day opt for a moisturizing care and a sunscreen.


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