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Sesderma Men Eye Contour Gel for Men

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    Sesderma Men Eye Contour Gel 15 mL
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Sesderma - Men Eye Contour Gel 15 mL

expected delivery 07 Oct - 11 Oct


Treatment and prevention of signs of fatigue, as the dark circles, puffiness, puffy eyes, wrinkles and "crows feet". This translucent light, non-greasy and refreshing gel, decongests, moisturises, activates and rejuvenates the skin of the eye contour.

Eye skin loses its elasticity and muscles weaken over the years producing the flab around his eyes, forming folds on the eyelids. On the other hand the part of fat that protects the eye part stands out and accumulates in pockets around the eyelids. Another cause for swollen eyes is the accumulation of water.

Sesderma laboratories completed its line of male care with an exceptional eye contour.

The result is a decongestion of the eye contour, diminishing dark circles and puffy eyes

Its active principles evolve gradually extending its effectiveness during 6:0 pm:

  • Haloxyl, causes dark circles diminish, as well as the accumulation of hemoglobin and its derivatives (bilirubin, biliverdin and iron).
  • Organic Silicon (Manurunate Methylsilanol lactate), regenerate the elastin and collagen matrix and connective tissue.
  • Hyaluronic Acid, effective moisturizing agent.
  • Extract of Melilot, excellent decongestant.


Composition: Organic silicon, Melilot extract, hyaluronic acid and extr. Boswelia Serrata of.


How to use





Apply a small amount on the skin of the eye contour performing a gentle massage from the inside to the outside.

Can be applied daily by morning and/or at night after cleaning.

Suitable for all skin types.


Sesderma Men

Sesderma Men is a specific line for face care for men. 

Simple and highly effective, this line is a response to the needs of men's skin.



Grooming Essentials for Men's Skin
Grooming Essentials for Men's Skin
Today, men have a universe of options for skincare. If you're a man trying to step up your grooming game, here's a look at what you need!

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