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Hidroquin forte whitening gel - Sesderma

Discontinued Product.
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Hyper-pigmentation (pregnancy stains, stains caused by the use of cosmetics, age spots and freckles), is one of the most common aesthetic problems.

It's an uncomfortable situation, caused by dark spots, often located in areas more visible such as face and hands, that tend to be darker and evident with sun exposure.

To help prevent and treat this problem, SesDerma developed Hidroquin - Forte (Strong) Whitening Gel.

A strong depigmenting care that reduces and treats cutaneous pigmentation

It's action and tolerance to the skin, is due to the rich composition in active components establishing a synergistic action:

  • Glycolic Acid to 10% - to stimulate cellular renovation, removing the more superficial layers of the skin, making the skin thinner and improving the penetration of lightening agents
  • Kojic Acid to 5% - depigmenting that inhibits melanin formation;
  • Alfa – arbutina -a derivative of HYDROQUINONE, which inhibits melanin formation;
  • Citric Acid 1% -an alpha-hydroxyacid with a skin exfoliating, anti-oxidant and astringent action;
  • Phytico Acid - chelating agent, which decreases the availability of necessary ions  for melanin formation;
  • Licorice root extract - with a 50%  inhibiting action of enzyme activity that causes melanin formation (in vitro studies). It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant action, wich avoids pigmentation due to the exposure of skin to UV radiation;
  • Extract from Ursina Grape - a plant extract with hydroquinone, that slows down the over-production of hydroquinone.


It's an effective combination of depigmenting agents that act in the synthesis of melanin, blocking its production.


How to use






Apply 2 x/day, localy on the stain, and massage carefully  . In the morning, apply along with sunscreen, and at night, apply before bed.

In other less sensitive areas of the body such as hands and legs, you can apply three to four times a day. For very sensitive skin, apply only once a day until accustomed.

The treatment should be continued for at least 3 months.

Suitable for all skin type.



Best sellers sweetcare: sesderma c-vit
Best sellers sweetcare: sesderma c-vit
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