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Fillderma lips volumizer - Sesderma

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    Sesderma Fillderma lips lip volumizer 2 units of 10ml
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Sesderma - Fillderma lips lip volumizer 2 units of 10ml

Sesderma - Fillderma lips




Fillderma lips volumizer that moisturizes, softens and protects the lips from external aggressions, thanks to its rich in hyaluronic acid, urea, colágénio and biomiméticos peptides composition.

Increases the volume of the lips, fills wrinkles contour, moisturizes the skin and outline the lips

Developed with innovative Sesderma-Nanotechnology, this liposomal lip balm, developed in two stages, for beautiful and rejuvenated lips. This technology offers the following advantages:

  • Maximum penetration and diffusion of active ingredients.
  • Veiculizados assets in nanosomes.
  • Filling of the most difficult and deep wrinkles.
  • Reconstruction of the skin from the inside.


Specific treatment for lips in 2 steps:

  • Step1 - Filling regeneration
  • Step2 - Synergistic action

The lips are bulging, firm, with smooth contour and well-defined.


Composition: High molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Urea. Sweet fermented black tea. Peptides odorant receptors belong. Asian spark. Niacinamide. Own Natural Collagen.


How to use






Apply Fillderma Lips Step 1 on dry lips.

Gently rub the lips and wait until the absorption.

Proceed with the aplication of Fillderma Lips Step 2.

Apply by morning and at night for at least a month.


Fillderma - Sesderma

Sesderma Laboratories developed Fillderma line, for the filling and treatment of installed wrinkles . It's a full line that is focused on facial wrinkles, located the eye contour and the lips.


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