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C-Vit Intensive Serum Ampoules - Sesderma

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    Sesderma C-Vit Intensive Serum Flash Effect 1.5 mL x 10 Ampoules
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Sesderma - C-Vit Intensive Serum Flash Effect 1.5 mL x 10 Ampoules

C-Vit Intensive Serum - Sesderma

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C-vit intensive serum flash effect is a shock treatment for dry, photo-aged or fatigued  skin, with lack of vitality and luminosity.

It is also indicated for skin under cosmetic or aggressive dermatological treatments (chemical peels, microdermobrasões, etc) or, as adjuvant in lighteners treatments.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) exercises a complete anti-aging action: participates in the synthesis and repair of collagen, helping to regenerate the extracellular matrix, reaffirming the skin and making it more smooth, soft and elastic.

Ideal for a flash effect!

Protects against free radical damage and the harmful effects caused by UV radiation (erythema, redness).

Unifies skin tone since it interferes with the process of melanin synthesis.

Composition: 12% of pure Ascorbic acid.


How to use





Apply the product on the areas to be treated.

Rub gently with your fingers until it is completely absorbed.

Suitable for all skin types.


C-Vit - Sesderma

On a daily basis, skin is subjected to several attacks (pollution, tobacco, temperature changes) that combined with an unhealthy lifestyle such as poor diet, lack of sleep and stress, is reflected early on in the face, through one dull skin, no light, no vitality and aged.

Sesderma solution is the prevention of skin aging through an antioxidant action, with one of the most effective active ingredients: Vitamin C.

C-Vit returns the brightness and lost vitality over time, providing you with a radiant and healthy with immediate effect.



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