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Azelac facial gel for redness and acne prone skin - Sesderma

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    Sesderma Azelac moisturizing gel 50ml
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Sesderma - Azelac moisturizing gel 50ml

Azelac pieles con tendencia acneica, cuperosicas y con rojeces - Sesderma

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Azelac hydrating gel care is indicated for the treatment of oily skins with a tendency to couperose, acne and hyperpigmented spots manifestations.

Increases hydration and elasticity of the skin

  • Formulated with the Azeloglicina complex, combines the properties of azelaic acid with the moisturizing action of glycine.
  • Soothing and antioxidant action, fighting the impurities and the redness that accompany couperose.
  • Owned by seborreguladora action decrease the secretion of sebum and the formation of imperfections.
  • The Fitoesfingosina is a natural skin lipid and the Constitution of most ceramides, his action reflected in reducing irritation.
  • The Thistle-mariano has a calming, soothing and antioxidant action of redness, camouflaging the skin prone to couperose.
  • Inhibits tyrosine synthesis, homogenizing the skin color.
  • Possesses anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties.
  • Excellent tolerance due to its pH 5.0.
  • Can be used as a makeup base.


Composition: Azelaic acid encapsulated in liposomas, milk thistle extract, NIACINAMIDE encapsulated in liposmas, panthenol liposomas encapsulated, azeloglicina.


How to use






Apply one to two times per day on the face.

Avoid the eye contour and the contact with the mucous membranes.

In case of sensitivity, suspend the application.

Suitable for acne prone skin with redness.


Azelac - Sesderma

The Azelac line of Sesderma laboratories is a line for daily care of sensitive skin, reactive and rosacea/redness due to capillary fragility.


Uriage Roséliane rich cream anti-redness for sensitive skin the best way to control rosacea, at a cosmetic level, passes through the application of appropriate products, which help to control the problem

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