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Origin Pro Egf-5 Global Anti-Aging Ampoules - Sensilis

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    Sensilis Origin Pro Egf-5 Global Anti-Aging Ampoules 30x1.5 mL
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Sensilis - Origin Pro Egf-5 Global Anti-Aging Ampoules 30x1.5 mL

Origin Pro Egf-5 Ampollas - Sensilis

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5 growth factors, among other anti-aging ingredients; which repair your skin and promote it's regeneration ability!

The Origin pro egf-5 global anti-aging ampoules allow you to act on loss of firmness, complexion uniformity and moisturization of aged skin.

Global anti-aging Action & Anti-pollution protection!

This product has the growth factors EGF , IGF, acidic FGF, basic FGF and VEGF; which allow to stimulate the metabolic processes that contribute to the improvement of the skin's appearance, inhibiting those that may be less beneficial.

Its formula also has an anti-pollution polysaccharide consisting of glucuronic acid, fucose and glucose; which protect the cells against the aggressions produced by UV rays, pollution and heavy metals.

To improve the elasticity and firmness from the skin, this formula also has micro-glycosaminoglycans.

How to Use






Apply 1 ampoule, preferably in the morning, on clean and dry skin.


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