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Gingembre Rouge Energzing Body Lotion - Roger Gallet

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    Roger Gallet Gingembre Rouge Energzing Body Lotion 200 mL
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Roger Gallet - Gingembre Rouge Energzing Body Lotion 200 mL

Gingembre Rouge Lait - Roger Gallet

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Roger Gallet


A moisturizer with an inebriating fragrance; which is able to provide comfort, elasticity and exceptional softness to your skin!

The Gingembre rouge energzing body lotion is born from the delicate fruity and floral fusion of one of the most seductive fragrances from Roger & Gallet.

Luxurious moisturizing and energizing.

Inspired by the exotic island of Zanzibar, Roger & Gallet perfumers have combined the notes of ginger, pomegranate and mandarin; which are able to provide an aura of sensuality and liveliness around your.

For a superior moisturizing action, this product was enriched with aloe vera extract and micro-pearls which are able to leave your skin soft and luminous.

How to Use

Roger Gallet




Apply daily on clean and dry skin.


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