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Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment Spray Leave-In - Revlon

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    Revlon Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment Green Tea Spray 150 mL
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Revlon - Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment Green Tea Spray 150 mL

Uniqone All in One Hair Treatment Lotus Flower Spray 150 mL - Revlon

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Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment - 10 in 1 treatment!

Revlon introduces an unique concept in hair treatment that will break the rules in hair care!

A care that provides 10 essential benefits that meet the needs of your own hair.

It offers 10 visible effects, and is the first leave-on mask spray (without rinsing) ideal for all hair types.

An incredible and revolutionary innovation designed to:

  1. repair dry and damaged hair;
  2. control the frizz and rough hair;
  3. protect from heat;
  4. give a smooth and silky touch;
  5. protect color with UVA and UVB filters;
  6. help with brushing and with the use of the board;
  7. incredible detangling;
  8. extend hairstyle;
  9. prevent split ends;
  10. enhance natural hair volume.

An innovative product that effectively provides a nourishing hair treatment, moisturizing and hair enhancer.
This unique concept eases brushing, increases the chances of hairstyles and promotes hair flexibility.

A true ex-Libris in hair treatment.

It is available with:

  • A Classic scent;
  • A more tropical version, with a pleasant Coconut aroma.
  • An experience of pure freshness with the scent from Lotus Flower!
  • The superfood experience from green tea!


  • Hair dryer: 
    Dry hair is a snapshot job with UniqOne! Spray the product on the hair growth areas (previously dried with a towel) and comb for uniform application. Then, use the dryer at a high temperature with the help of a round brush. UniqOne protects the hair from heat, strengthening it and providing more shine. Furthermore, as UniqOne does not add weight to the hair, it is perfect for finer hair and without volume.
  • Curls: 
    Curls have never had better look! Whether on dry hair with the dryer, or air, UniqOne controls the rough and highlights curls, giving them brightness and natural beauty. UniqOne spray generously throughout the hair, previously dried with a towel. Next, apply the product to your curls and using the dryer at a low temperature until the hair is dry. To dry your hair to air, apply UniqOne and mold your curls as you wish.  Finish the styling vaporizing uniqOne in your palm. Apply on hair for a smooth finish with attractive and beautiful curls.
  • Board: 
    UniqOne is fantastic  product to use and shape the hair with the board, especially in thick and coarse hair. Simply apply UniqOne in previously dry hair with a towel and comb for uniform application of the product. Smooth hair with the board at an average temperature, using a round or flat brush. Finally, spray UniqOne in your palm. Apply on hair for smooth , bright and durable visual!

How to use





It can be applied on wet or dry hair, giving shine, softness and texture.

Directly on the hair (20 cm):
- To untangle with a comb;
- Finalize the hairstyle: dry with the dryer, board, air, etc;

Soft, shiny and silky hair !

In your palm:
- Spray the palms and apply on hair from the middle to the ends;
- If necessary, finish the hairstyle with the board or the dryer. Using the product of usual end: foams, lacquers, etc.

Ideal for retouching the hairstyle, with lasting and silky finish.


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