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Triphasic progressive hair-loss treatment - Rene Furterer

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    Rene Furterer Triphasic progressive hair-loss treatment 8doses
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Rene Furterer - Triphasic progressive hair-loss treatment 8doses

Triphasic sérum régénérateur antichute - Rene Furterer

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Rene Furterer


Triphasic is a René Furterer care developed for those wishing stop the hair-loss and, at the same time, encourage the growth of strong and beautiful hair.

Triphasic consists of 3 active phases, associates the energy, nutritious and stimulating elements indispensable to improve hair structure, promoting their growth, stopping the hair-loss.

Acts on all the factors responsible for the progressive hair-loss of vascular, hormonal origin or hereditary

In his composition has:

  • Biotrine, an ingredient of natural origin, acts at every turning point in the hair's life cycle. Activates the signal needed to trigger hair growth;
  • Extract of Pfaffia, this active ingredient with unrivaled power maximizes the supply of essential elements to the hair, activating the growth factor VEGF which improves micro-circulation thereby, stimulating growth. Its effectiveness in preventing hair loss has led to its patent!
  • Essential Orange Oil, extracted from its rind is renowned for its light, mouth-watering aroma and soothing properties, but it is also an effective cleanser and stimulant for micro-circulation.
  • Essential Lavader Oil, its precious essential oil obtained by distillation is renowned for its antiseptic and relaxing qualities.
  • Extract of Curbicia, ideal for treating scalps that tend to be oily, it works over time to regulate the hyper-production of sebum within the sebaceous gland, one of the causes of gradual hair loss.
  • Extract of Bitter Orange, from its rind and leaves are rich in flavonoids to maximize vascularization. Obtained from its leaves, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone (HMC) prevents the hardening of collagen fibers, which leads to hair loss.
  • Extract of Liquorice, as a natural liquorice extract, Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate reduces micro inflammation of the hair bulb which is one of the factors responsible for hair loss.

Triphasic conspicuously stops the hair loss, stimulating the hair growth increasingly strong and vigorous and regulates seborrhoeic activity.

How to use

Rene Furterer




Screw the cap until the end, to release the powder.

Shake vigorously to ensure the mixture of ingredients.

Apply on the scalp and massage. Do not rinse.

Apply 2 times per week, in the first month.

Then continue 1 time per week for 1 to 2 months.


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