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Karité Nutri Intense Nourishing Oil - René Furterer

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    Rene Furterer Karité Nutri Intense Nourishing Oil Very Dry Hair 100 mL
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René Furterer - Karité Nutri Intense Nourishing Oil Very Dry Hair 100 mL

Karité Huile de Beauté Nutrition Intense - René Furterer

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Rene Furterer


Karité nutri Intense nourishing oil is a luxuriant pré-shampoo treatment, which restores the hair nutrition of very dry hair, giving it extreme softness, revitalizing it.

With Shea oil and repairing phospholipids.

A sublime secret, for hair

This intensive nutritional care, has a lovely fragrance that regenerates the hair and dry scalp.

A genuine beauty elixir, for infinitely smoothness, flexiblility, brightness and comfort.

In it formulation has: 

  • Extract of Shea, this amazing regenerating active ingredient nourishes the hair deep down to help it regain its natural beauty, and its distinctive oil has exceptional absorption. 
  • Cimentrio, derived from soya and exceptionally rich in proteins and fats, is a unique natural complex. It restructures and protects the hair and scalp from external damage.
  • Phospholipids, imitating the lipids that make up cell membranes, Phospholipids penetrate deep down to reconstitute the lower layers and boost cell exchange, which is a source of life for the hair and scalp.
  • 100% natural-origin active ingredients

How to use

Rene Furterer




Apply strand by strand, on dry, unwashed hair.

Massage the scalp and the stems, 5 to 10 minutes.

Wash the hair.

Karite Nutri

Rene Furterer karite is a line for those who want to rediscover the elasticity and softness of perfectly nourished, restructured hair,  wishing to end with the tugging sensation on the dry scalp.

Shea butter is a sacred tree of East Africa, also called "butter tree".
It's recognized by the richness of its butter and oil, extracted from almonds contained within the fruit.

Thanks to its content of essential fatty acids with strong penetration power, the Karite is recognized for its nourishing and revitalizing qualities.

For this reason, the Karité line intensely nourishes the scalp, reforming in depth the capillary rod of dry and devitalized hair.



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