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Astera Soothing Shampoo Fresh - René Furterer

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    Rene Furterer Astera Soothing Shampoo Fresh Irritated or Sensitive Scalp 200 mL
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René Furterer - Astera Soothing Shampoo Fresh Irritated or Sensitive Scalp 200 mL

Astera Shampooing Apaisant Fraîcheur - René Furterer

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Rene Furterer


With a gentle and fresh texture, Astera Soothing Fresh Shampoo, soothes the itching of the scalp, providing a pleasant sensation of freshness and comfort.

Soft and shiny hair, easy to detangle and comb!

In his composition has:

  • Extract of Astera, soothing and quiet
  • Essential oils of eucalyptus, camphor and mint, soothing and purifying

Ceansing base non irritating.

How to use

Rene Furterer




Apply on wet hair and scalp.

Massage and leave 3 minutes.

Remove with plenty of water.


Astera is a line of René Furterer recommended for those who want to soften and relax the sensitive and irritable scalp.

To stop the itching and the bitting sensation in the scalp.

Asterácea (Echinacea) is a plant native to North America, and its extract was used by the Dakota Indians, for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Astera range, this extract is associated with essential cold oils of mint and eucalyptus, and canfora for a purifying and refreshing anti-irritant, action.


How to balance your hair!
How to balance your hair!
Discover the suggestions of Diego Pérez, René Furterer's international trainer, for your hair! All the answers for various types of scalp and hair.

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