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Absolue keratine intense renewal shampoo - Rene Furterer

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    Rene Furterer Absolue kératine renewal shampoo ultra-damaged hair 200ml
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Rene Furterer - Absolue kératine renewal shampoo ultra-damaged hair 200ml

Absolue keratine shampooing renaissance - Rene Furterer

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Rene Furterer


Formulated with a gentle cleansing base and without sulfates, Absolue Kératine Regenerating Intensive Shampoo, extremely repairs the damaged and brittle hair, to enhance its resistance to everyday life aggressions, finding its natural beauty!

Easy to untangle, the hair becomes soft, light and bright!

Healthy, shiny hair, with movement and incredible smoothness!

Formulated with Vegetable Keratin, penetrates to the level of the hair fiber to fill the gaps and rebuild the hair's internal architecture.

This reconstruction is possible due to the amino acids similar to the ones found in the hair's keratin!

Biocimentine of composition identical to the intercellular cement, strengthens the internal structure of the hair and seals the scales on the surface, protecting the cortex and the capillary stem.

The Camelina oil, rich in omega 3, nourishes the hair and restores the protective barrier of the surface.

How to use

Rene Furterer




Apply on wet hair and lather well.

Leave for 1 to 3 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly.

Shampoo of frequent use .

Without sulfated tensioactives. No silicones.

Absolue Kératine

Rene furterer has developed a line of care that allows you to regenerate the ultra-damaged hair: Absolue Kératine.

The assaults of straightening, blow-drying, coloring, beach, pool, sun, etc, expose the capillary keratin and weaken and damage the hair fiber causing massive damage in the hair at three levels:

- Hydrolipidic film, surface's shield rich in lipids, is mauled by chemical and mechanical treatments, and fails to carry out its barrier function to face aggressions and dehydration.

- Cuticle, such as the "roof tiles" the scales are attached to each other by the intercellular cement. Degraded by the use of these techniques, the concrete fails to play its role. Broken, the scales rise exposing the cortex to the daily aggressions.

- Cortex, heart of the hair being mostly composed by keratin protein that ensures resistance and elasticity. Damaged by trauma, the keratin chains break, weakening all the hair fiber.

It is then essential to restructure and regenerate the hair in order to regain strength, endurance and natural beauty!




Closed hair salon kit
Closed hair salon kit
With the hair salons shut down and our hair begging for help, it's time to embrace hair care routines at home and maybe even create a relaxing moment in your week!

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