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Moroccan rose otto body wash - Ren

Discontinued Product.
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Luxuriant shower gel, formulated with Moroccan rose essential oil.

Shower gel with Moroccan rose oil
Comfort care with a divine perfume

The essence is obtained from fresh petals, being especially beneficial for the most demanding skins, dry, sensitive skin.

Its exquisite aroma has soothing and tranquilizing properties.

Best product of bath and Shower- "Heat" (South Africa)
Best Shower Gel-"InStyle" (United Kingdom)


​How to use




Apply on moistened skin, in the bath or shower.

Massage and remove with water.

Shower gel - REN

REN Bath gels are free of sulfates, containing only soft oat PEP talk right now bases derived from corn and sugar cane, very effective and smooth at the same time.

Like the other product lines REN, Bath gels contain only natural fragrances that not only treat the skin in a specific way, like bring genuine aromatherapy benefits yet.



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