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Evercalm gentle cleasing milk for sensitive skins - Ren

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    Ren Evercalm gentle cleasing milk 150ml
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Ren - Evercalm gentle cleasing milk 150ml

Ren - Evercalm gentle cleasing milk




Evercalm cleansing milk, formulated to leave the most sensitive or delicate skin, purified, softened and soothed.

The triglycerides of Coconut's oil gently removes dirt and makeup while the Arctic blackcurrant replace bioactive lipids, maintaining the levels of hydration and softness of the skin.

Gentle cleansing milk
Carefully formulated for sensitive skin

The peroxidases enzymes of fennel seeds, fight pollution, while flavonoids of Marigold soften and soothe the skin.

Increases skin resistance and minimises the signs of chronic irritation and sensitivity that can lead to premature aging.


How to use





Put a small amount into hands and massage on the face.

Remove with warm water (avoid contact with eyes).

Suitable for sensitive skin.


Ren is a brand of pure bioactive cares.

All the products are free of sulfates, petrochemicals parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, T.E.A., D.E.A., silicones, glycols, PEGS...

Everything for the health and beauty of your skin.



Beauty review . uriage

24 February 2016

Beauty review . uriage
review: Uriage Roséliane rich cream anti-redness for sensitive skin the best way to control rosacea, at a cosmetic level, passes through the application of appropriate products, which help to control the problem

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