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Clearcalm 3 replenishing gel cream - Ren

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    Ren Clearcalm 3 replenishing gel cream 50ml
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Ren - Clearcalm 3 replenishing gel cream 50ml

Ren - Clearcalm 3 replenishing gel cream




Soothing and regenerating Gel Cream for a firm skin without greasiness.

Re-moisturises and soothes the oily prone to blemishes skin, reducing inflammation and pigmented scars.

Gel moisturizer for skin with imperfections


  • Prevents the appearance of imperfections and blemishes

  • Reduces the appearance of inflammation and hyperpigmented scars

  • Soothes and softens skin


Bioactive Components:

- Lingonberry Extract: Corrects hyper pigmentation

- Licorice Extract: Reduces production of sebum

- Essential Oil Complex: Reduces inflammation, calms and soothes

- Global Protection Complex: Provides a powerful blend of anti-oxidants and free radical scavengers to protect the skin against UV induced damage and premature ageing


How to use





Apply morning and evening on clean skin.

Massage until the total absorption of the product.

Suitable for combination skin with tendency to oily and imperfections.

ClearCalm 3 - REN

Ren ClearCalm3 care line, fighting the three major causes of imperfections and blemishes on the skin:

  • Excess sebum formation;

  • Accumulation of dead cells

  • Inflammatory bacteria

Ren is a brand of pure bioactive care.

All their products are free of sulfates, parabens petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, dyes, synthetic, T.E.A., D.E.A., silicones, glycols, PEGS and. ..

Everything for the health and beauty of your skin.




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