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Phytonovathrix treatment global

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    Phyto Phytonovathrix treatment global amp 12x0.35ml

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Phyto - Phytonovathrix treatment global amp 12x0.35ml

Phyto - Phytonovathrix




Phytonovathrix Anti-Hair Loss Global Treatment its a care for all kinds of hair loss (reaction or chronic) in men and women, especially indicated for hair with volume loss and thickness.

Treatment help's prolong the life cells, slowing the hair loss and promoting a thicker growth.

An adequate cure to stop the hair loss.

With an anti-oxidant action, to protect the stem cells in the scalp, and stimulate detoxification, for better cellular activity; promoting the growth of the hair fiber for best quality.

A formula with natural active ingredients.

How to use





After washing the hair with the PHYTONOVATHRIX Shampoo, apply a light bulb on the scalp, risking itself, and massaging gently from the base of the master to the top.

Application 3 times a week.


Combing then. 12 ampoules = 1 month.

Intensive care recommended for 3 months.


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