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A.i. anti-irritant cream - Physiogel

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    Physiogel A.i. cream 50ml
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Physiogel - A.i. cream 50ml

Physiogel - Ai cream




Fast relief for dry and itching skin!

Physiogel A.I. has a special formula for the daily care of atopic, irritated and reactive face and localized areas.

Relieves itching and irritation and moisturizes deeply and permanently!

In its composition contains:

  • PEA (palmitoyl ethanolamine) endogenous substance that soothes irritation, erythema and skin rash;
  • exclusive basis DMS (phospholipids, cholesterol, ceramide, squalene, and triglycerides prepared in a similar manner to the lipid barrier of the skin) that quickly and deeply moisturize the skin;

Calm and moistured skin, regenerated lipid barrier and increased protection to irritants agents.

Does not contain perfume, parabens, emulsifying or coloring agents.
Does not contain corticosteroids or topical immunomodulators so it can be used since the first days of life.

With its continuous application there is a reduced need for therapy:

  • 38% left the topical corticosteroids
  • 26% left the topical immunomodulators
  • 40% left the oral antihistamines.

With its continued application there is also an improvement of the main symptoms associated with atopic skin:

  • itching
    80% improved
    43.6% had complete remission
  • scaling
    78.4% improved
    57.7% had complete remission
  • dryness
    82.4% improved
    33.2% had complete remission
  • rash
    74.2% improved
    45.9% had complete remission

With creamy texture, it is rapidly absorbed and leave the skin moistured.

How to use





Apply directly on clean skin as often as needed.