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Anti stretch marks body cream - Percutalfa

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    Percutalfa Anti stretch marks body cream 200ml
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Percutalfa - Anti stretch marks body cream 200ml

Percutalfa - Percutalfa vergetures




Why choose Percutalfa?
Percutalfa is a body emulsion which favors the prevention and regression of stretch marks.

The best help in the fight against stretch marks has arrived...

It has an innovative formula without preservatives, which combines fatty and fruit acids. It helps to preserve the skin's smoothness and elasticity, favoring the prevention of stretch marks. But also favors the renewal of the skin's stratum corneum and tones the skin, which contributes to reduce existing stretch marks.
Its non greasy texture, easily penetrates the skin.

Its advised for:

  • puberty,
  • pregnancy,
  • in situations of weight changes.

It can be applied on the breasts, belly, thighs, and hips.

How to use





Apply in the morning and evening in circular massages on a clean and dry skin, until completely absorption.

Apply for 6-8 weeks.

In pregnancy, from the 4th month up to 2nd month after childbirth.

NOTE: Avoid applying the breasts during breastfeeding. 


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