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Soft foam plugs - Ohropax

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    Ohropax Sponge caps 10 units
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Ohropax - Sponge caps 10 units

Ohropax soft - Ohropax

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Step into a wonderful world of well being... where silence is king...

Soft, made of PU foam expands gently inside the ear canal...

They are the ideal companion for anyone who does not excuses silence moments.

Soft, anatomically adaptable, are made in non-allergic foam, with a discreet color to use in any situation.
When entering the ear cavity, caps expand, adapting perfectly to anyone.

They provide comfort, and protect from noise.

They can be used in the workplace, for reading, when the ears are subjected to very loud music, for relaxation or sleep.
Also protect ears from water or wind.

These caps do not contain any substance that can cause allergy.
It is recommended to gradually increase the time of use of the plugs for faster adaptation.
It is possible at an early stage hear your own pulse. This effect usually disappears with a short acclimatization period.

How to use




1. Wrap the buffer between clean fingers

2. With one hand, slightly spread your earlobe away with the other, insert the plug into the ear canal.

3. Use your finger to keep the cap in comfortable and in a safe position while the foam expands.


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