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Silicone Earplugs - Ohropax

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    Ohropax Silicone Earplugs  6 un.
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Ohropax - Silicone Earplugs 6 un.

Ohropax Silicon - Ohropax

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Nothing better in a hot summer day than a dip in the pool... on the beach or lake!
But the fear of water in your ears does not let you enjoy it?

From now on the watchword is FUN. With silicone plugs, water its out, and you in!

Ohropax Silicon is made with anti-allergy silicone, they protect from water, wind or noise.
Versatile, in a flexible material, which provides an effective insulation against noise, water and the wind and at the same time, they are nice and soft on the ear.

They adapt to any ear canal, and so are also ideal for children.

Doesn't contain any components likely to cause allergies.
It's recommended to gradually increase the time of use of the plugs have an adaptation.
It is possible at an early stage hear your own pulse. This effect usually disappears with a short acclimatization period.

How to use




Mold a ball cap, with clean fingers. Avoid mold them in an elongated format (stick type).

Place the cap on the opening of the dry and clean ear canal.

Press slightly in order to get the cap right in the ear canal. Do not go too deep.

To remove the cap, use your fingers. Do not use any hard objects to help its removal.


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