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    Ohropax Classic Wax Plugs  12 un.
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Ohropax - Classic Wax Plugs 12 un.

Ohropax Classic - Ohropax

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With Classic Wax  Caps, make peacefull moments...

Protect ears from sound and irritating noises ...

Ideal to sleep, to relax or to meditate!

They also protect from wind and water are so great companions to beach, pool, or extreme sports.

Its composition is unique: wool wrapped in petroleum wax jelly and paraffin.
These components are hypoallergenic and soft, adhering to the ear canal and allow a safety position.

Designed in 1907, until today, these caps maintain the same shape and formula for success.
The inspiration was born in Ulysses, Homer's Greek hero... that put beeswax balls on the sailors ears to protect them from the deadly song of the Sirens... Maximilian Negwer raised the idea to another level and so were born the classical caps.

Is adjustable to any ear canal.

It does not contain any components likely to cause allergies.
It's recommended to gradually increase the time of use of caps for a better adjustment.
It's possible at an early stage hear your own pulse. This effect usually disappears with a short acclimatization period.

How to use





Remove the cotton.

Adjust the size of the ball: if necessary reduce its size by removing some of the material (reject material removed). It's better to be big than quite small.

Mold it in ball shape and place it at the entrance of ear canal. Press slightly. Do not insert deeply.

To remove, press the back of the ear and remove the cap with your fingers. Never use a hard object to aid in removal.


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