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Avène sunscreens 2=3


Because the sun is very important! Enjoy every moment... on your balcony, in your garden !!

HAUTE PROTECTION - A double compromise: it offers optimal UVB-UVA protection for sensitive skin while minimizing environmental impact.

Choose 3 favorite AVÈNE SUNSCREEN pay only 2*!!!

Eau Thermale Avène sunscreens are specifically formulated to ensure optimal effectiveness and tolerance for all sensitive skin.

Enjoy this campaign 2=3 and protect the skin of the whole family!



  • Add the minimun of 3 selected AVÈNE products to you shopping bag. *The offered product corresponds to the lowest value purchase price.
  • Valid from May's 18th to June's 1st.
  • Not cumulative with SWEET+ program.


Any questions about the campaign, please contact us!
We are at your disposal and we can help with your purchase!

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