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Infatrini powder - Nutricia

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    Nutricia Infatrini powder 400g
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Nutricia - Infatrini powder 400g

Nutricia - infatrini podwer




Infatrini powder is a supplement with infant formula with high energy content.

Indicated to meeting the nutritional needs of infants and children with difficulties, absorption of growth, increased nutritional needs and/or water restriction.

Frequent use on heart and bronchopulmonary dysplasia and burned.

Infant formula with high calories...

Nutritionally complete for children from birth up to 18 months old or 9 kg in weight.

Gluten free and sucrose.

How to use




According to the clinical condition, nutritional needs, age and weight of the patient.

For oral administration or probe.

To prepare 100ml: mixing 90ml of water with 4 spoons (5g).


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